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Thorn Year | Gashiyeon ¤ English translations
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A very slow, ongoing translation of "Gashiyeon/Thorn Year" (by maio) from Chinese to English.
Because my Chinese is awful and makes communicating with relatives awkward, I'm reading and translating Gashiyeon (Chinese version) to English. That's right, I'm improving my skills by translating gay fanfiction about Korean boyband members.


¤ This fic contains adult content (gay sex and other fun things).

¤ I have no way to contact maio for permission to translate her story. Sorry, maio.

¤ Aiming to completely translate the prequel, main story, and sequel. This will presumably take decades, at the rate that I translate.

¤ Updates are extremely sporadic, since I have classes and a life (sometimes) and also I'm just lazy and not that into kpop anymore.

¤ Chapters with mature content will be locked.